5 Things I would tell my younger self - Destiny Malcolm


1. Good passions are valuable, they shape your paths: When I was about 17, I remember not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, except live for God and sing/write music. It’s funny how life’s priorities got in the way of these passions, which is why I’m thankful that now, I have gone back to the drawing board and begun pursuing them for real. Before university and during the first year, I was unsure that singing was for me. That might seem strange to some but seriously, there were so many complications that I considered (only for a short moment) whether I should do something else for God, maybe be a speaker or something. I later found that when I opened my eyes to the value of my God-given gifts and talents, I became more interested in them again. People would randomly message me or request my ministry and it would be confirmation that not only is this something I love, but that others are being blessed by, and it would be selfish of me to but down the mic for good.



2. Money will matter, and you will be broke sometimes: In preparation for uni days and beyond, I’m sure all of you reading this can relate with me when I say, 'being broke ain't no joke!' It’s not, but it’s always a lesson to learn. Being a student means I get money, and then I’m broke, then I get money, and there is just enough to stretch for the last month before the loan drops again. It’s a roller coaster, and no amount of teaching alone can prepare you for these financial lessons, practise makes perfect. I’m grateful that each term I get to try again with my money management. I want to learn from the many mistakes and utilise the wonderful tips and hacks learnt over time.



3. Take guitar lessons from early: I started having guitar lessons in year 8 but decided after a while to teach myself. This went brilliantly and has got me to where I am today, however, I believe I could be further in progression if I’d stuck with a music teacher dedicated to teaching me the theory and techniques. Knowing your instrument inside out, and seeing all of its possibilities at your fingertips, is incredible!  I am in an awkward place now where I’m ready to transition into a new place of progression, but I lack a few pieces of knowledge that will get me there. Nevertheless, I can still go back to basics at 23 years old, and I shall. I just wish I’d done it earlier.



4. Growing hurts, it’s a pain you’ve never experienced: I would definitely warn my younger self of the pains that come with growth. Mentally and spiritually, I’ve found it hard to come to grips with everything new and potentially new, only because sometimes I feel as if I’m walking blindly. The truth is if you feel this way, you’re not on your own. Others have gone through the same thing before us and it will stay that way forever. In hindsight, when you see your potential, the greatest thing you can do is 1. Beg God not to let it pass you and 2. Grab hold of it ASAP. Whatever it takes to progress, develop, and/or achieve, do it. Yes it might sting you, and it could well challenge you a great deal but if you keep your eyes on that vision you saw of yourself, it would be a real shame to trade it for temporary comforts. Step outside that comfort zone, for your own sake if nothing else!



5. Check yourself before you wreck yourself: This is something I wish I’d been told growing up, and I’m telling myself this now. It’s to check your priorities again and again, and make sure you are not burning yourself out unnecessarily. Burn out happens when we are overwhelmed, too busy, anxious, worried, and we’ve got a list of 101 things to get through. I’d drill these principles into younger Destiny’s head everyday: Please Please Please, stay away from leaving things until the last minute. Always prepare where you can, you will thank yourself later, and try to enjoy every moment of life’s adventures. Singing at different events week after week, creating music, rehearsing, eating right, exercising, and spending time with God, each take time and so I would urge you, to keep checking your priorities and filtering them where needed. It’s extremely easier said than done for sure, but being mindful of where you put your energies and time, can save you a great deal later on.